Frequently Asked Questions

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CUBO+ classes are taught mostly by foreign teachers mainly in English, your progress in CUBO+ is based on your understanding and assimilation of the content discussed in this classes. So even though we do not mandate an “especific level of english” to participate in the classes of CUBO+, we highly suggest everybody to improve english understanding prior and during the course.

CUBO+ is an educational program that aim to bring high-level contents related to Bitcoin and Lightnign Network from word class personalities.

CUBO+ has a cost of $2000, although Salavadoreans are selected based on their commitment with the course and performance to get a scholarship full paid.

CUBO+ participants are selected based on a process of interviews and tests, there's no specific academic background required other than being able to read and write.

No, there's no age requirements, just right motivation and commitment to become a Bitcoin expert.

On-site bootcamps offer scholarship to the most motivated students within the program. If you want to advance to the on-site bootcamp, you must participate in classes, activities, showcase talent, and above all, demostrate interest and motivation.

CUBO+ 2024 will reach a variety of academic fields, each specific one with its own particularities and dynamics. Technical/coding segment of CUBO+ will also be an option for participating.