Want to live the CUBO+ Xperience?

You will gain valuable knowledge in one of the most disruptive technologies of all time and will have the opportunity to win a trip to Switzerland for further training.

What CUBO+ Economics Edition is about?

CUBO+ Econ edition will be designed to provide education about Bitcoin on an economic and philosophical level, to understand how it effect society and why it is important a world controlled by a poorly driven financial system.

Who can apply?

  • University students or graduates.
  • Students of all technical and non-technical careers.
  • People willing to get passionate for the Bitcoin Revolution!

As a CUBO+ student you will have access to

Teachers from all
over the world

High level mentors
sharing their knowledge
to Salvadoran youth
and professionals.

Internship opportunities

All CUBO+ graduating
students will have the
opportunity to apply for
internships at the best
Bitcoin companies in the world!

Trip to Switzerland

The best and most
dedicated students will
receive a full scholarship
to PlanB's Summer School
in Lugano Switzerland

Course structure

The course will last 3 months starting next March 16 and will consist of virtual and in-person classes, as well as conferences from industry leaders. For more details about the events, check our agenda.

Online Classes

Classes will be held virtually, two classes per week each lasting two hours where you can interact with your teachers.

Face to face classes

To reinforce the knowledge you acquire during the week there will be in-person classes where you can put your knowledge into practice through challenges.

Conferences from industry leaders

We will have the presence of world leaders in the Bitcoin industry giving conferences that you cannot miss.

Does the course have a cost?

The course has an approximate value of $2000 USD but Salvadoreño Nationals have the option to apply for a full scholarship to access all the resources and teaching materials that will help you throughout the course.

How can I recieve a scholarship to Lugano's PlanB summer School(In Switzerland)?

Those who show outstanding performance throughout the course will win a trip to Switzerland to participate in PlanB's Summer School in Lugano Switzerland to continue their Bitcoin education. Winners of this scholarship will be evaluated through class attendance, participation, and collaboration with their peers.