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Through their commitment to education and innovation, The Bitcoin Office and Fulgur Ventures have created the path for talented young people in El Salvador to become the next generation of developers in Bitcoin and Lightning technologies.

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The Bitcoin Office SV

We invest in early stage startups focused on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

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Fulgur Ventures

We invest in early stage startups focused on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

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PlanB Network

Making Bitcoin education simple is our objective.

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The Cubo+ team thanks our alliances for being part of this project and for allowing our students to gain experience in their companies.


CUBO+ es una excelente iniciativa en El Salvador y con impacto en el ecosistema Bitcoin global, pienso que estan formando a los lideres tecnologicos Bitcoin del futuro!

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Darvin Otero

Tiankii CEO


Sharing my passion with the Salvadorian youth, offering them education to prepare them for a future in the digital age: A thoroughly enriching and memorable experience!

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Gabriel Comte

Lipa Programmer

decouvre bitcoin

While for most of us our journey to Bitcoin mastery spanned many years, witnessing these students grasp it all in such a brief period has been a truly humbling experience.

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Decouvre Bitcoin builder


El Salvador's experiment with Bitcoin is not just a theory. Meeting and working with the Cubo+ students was a great experience. They're achieving real results.

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Adam Gibson



Cubo+ is a revolutionary education program. Their knowledge went from zero to being able to build Bitcoin applications. I’m honored to have been a part of the program.

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Santos Hernandez

Zebedee builder


Cubo+ was an incredible experience. I've had the chance to teach local students. I feel part of this incredible community of students and teachers. I can't wait to meet them all again!

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Daniela Bronzonni

Spiral Developer


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